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All the slides and videos from the Making it Matter Workshop are now available below.

Introduction and background to Making it Matter

Marieke Guy, Open Knowledge, LinkedUp Project [Slideshare] [video]

Introduction to the LinkedUp Project

Stefan Dietze, L3S Research Center, Hannover, LinkedUp Project [PDF] [video]

Supporting Education In The Developing World Through Open And Linked Data

Balaji Venkataraman, Director, Technology & Knowledge Management, Commonwealth of Learning [PDF] [video]

The Rush for Mobile Education: Let’s talk about user Data

Stephen Haggard, Consultant in Educational Technology [PDF] [video]

Where are the links between education technology, learning and development politics?

Tom Salmon, Teacher and open development researcher [PDF] [Slideshare] [video]

WorldWide Semantic Web

Christophe Gueret and Victor de Boer, DANS NL [Slideshare] [Video]

One Laptop per Child: (Open) data and learning

Christoph Derndorfer, OLPC News [PDF] [Speakerdeck] [video]

Partnership for Open Data

Daniela Mattern, Open Knowledge [PDF] [video]

Social Learn

Abdulaziz Aldaej, University of Surrey [PDF] [video]


Michel Visser, Konnektid [PDF] [video]


Pat Lockley, consultant [PDF] [video]


Harshil Parikh, Tuvalabs [video]

Globetown, AGRIS, eDL

Elisabetta Parodi, LinkedUp Team [PDF] [video]

Introduction to Open Education Working Group

Marieke Guy, Open Knowledge, LinkedUp Project [Slideshare] [video]

Breakout group 1: What real world problems need solving?


Breakout group 2: What data is there and how can it be used?


Breakout group 3: Next Steps


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