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While the evaluation committee deliberate on which is the best submission to the Veni competition based on the LinkedUp Evaluation Framework (which considers elements such as usability, data source use, audience etc.) we’d like the wider community to participate in deciding on a People’s Choice winner. The People’s Choice will be decided using Ideascale, a cloud-based crowdsourcing service.

Abstracts from all submissions are now online and have also been added to a LinkedUp Ideascale page. On this page the wider community can vote up (or down – but bear in mind you only have one vote!) an entry of their choice. Voters will have to register using a service they have an account with (such as OpenID, Google, Facebook, Twitter etc.) or will have to set up an Ideascale account – this process is to prevent vote rigging. The submission in the highest place at the time of the LinkedUp Award Ceremony on Tuesday 17 September, to be held at OKCon in Geneva, will be awarded a special prize.

So get voting!

The widget below shows one random submission at a time to give you a flavour of the entries. You are advised to visit the main LinkedUp Ideascale page to see all the entries, or to read the abstracts first.

The People’s Choice is being run in parallel to the main Veni competition. In the main competition the advisory board will create a shortlist by 16 August 2013 and those shortlisted will be invited to take part in OKCon.

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