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So after 4 months, 40 reviewers and 3 reviews per submission the LinkedUp Vidi winners were agreed upon and announced today on the main stage at ESWC!

The Vidi Winners collect their certificates

For the Open Track the winners were:

  • 1st place (€3000)- TuvaLabs – Data Literacy Skills for a Brighter Future
    A very mature application with a clear educational use case: Learning how to use Data for training purposes. It supports modern learning approaches such as problem / project / and inquiry-based learning. It address fully the objective of the Vidi competition by using data for educational purposes in an innovative way.
  • 2nd place (€2000) – Solvonauts – an open educational search engine
    A huge learning object repository search engine that can provide access to more items than traditional OER silo systems. This can support teachers but also learners in findings suitable open educational resources for their learning objectives.
  • 3rd place (€1000) – Konnektid – Social Learning Anytime, Anywhere
    A very innovative approach to support informal learning and stimulate knowledge exchange between EU citizens. The Konnekid project brings a fresh idea to education. Although the data is still limited the fresh approach convinced the jury and we hope to support the project with the LinkedUp award.

The Focused Track winner was:

  • The electronic Discharge Letter (eDL) mobile app (€3000)
    – Strong scenario in the medical domain, supports explanation of medical diagnoses, support workplace and informal learning.

The People’s Choice winner was DBLPXplorer: Interactive Graphical Interfaces for the Computer Science Bibliography (€1000) with 140 votes.

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