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lseWe’ll be discussing open data in education as part of the LSE LTI NetworkED Seminar series in London on Wednesday 26 November 5:00pm – 7pm.

The talk followed by a Q&A session is on Open Data in Education and will be live streamed and recorded for those who can’t make it.

For more information see the website or have a look at previous talks on the YouTube channel.

The event is free to attend and places can be reserved by emailing

Here’s the full abstract:

Data is very much the flavour of the month, from discussions around data mining and monetisation of data, to privacy issues and monitoring.

But what exactly is open data and how does it relate to education? What type of data sets are we talking about and how are they being used? How can open data be used to meet educational needs? Is it just about accountability and transparency, or is there more to it? What about learning analytics? What are the implications of tracking our students? Where does the true potential lie? It clear that open education data sets are of interest to a wide variety of people including educators, learners, institutions, government, parents and the wider public.

Marieke Guy will give an overview of the situation as it now stands and prompt us to consider what the implications are for those of us working in Education.

NetworkEd: Technology in Education is a seminar series organised by LSE Learning Technology & Innovation team (LTI). The series invites speakers from education, computing and related fields to discuss how technology is shaping the world of education. Technological developments, particularly the internet, have led to changes in the way institutions can deliver teaching,but are also impacting on students’ skills and and their expectations of higher education. The seminar series is open to all at LSE, but will also be live streamed to enable an audience from around the world to listen to the talk and to participate using a variety of technologies.

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