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The LinkedUp Project has officially finished with “excellent results” – according to our review!

shooting-star-147722_1280From now on this site is likely to be much quieter…but you can follow future activities on the Open Education Working Group and the W3C Open Linked Education Community Group.

The following post summarises the project and provides some statistics for the LinkedUp blog.

LinkedUp Project

The LinkedUp Project ran from November 2012 – November 2014. There were 6 consortium partners and many more associated partners working on the project. A list of team members is also available. A variety of outcomes are available and will be supported in the future, most notably the LinkedUp Data Catalog or the LinkedUp tool box. A full list of deliverables is provided, the LinkedUp details of the three open data competitions sponsored by the LinkedUp Project are available from the LinkedUp Challenge website.

The project has now officially ended but LinkedUp related work, such as support and sponsorship of future competitions, the collection and exposing of open data in education and the investigation of the potential of Linked Open Data in educational applications, will continue under the ‘Powered by LinkedUp’ auspice.  LinkedUp-related activities will continue, for instance, through the W3C Open Linked Education Community Group, and the Linked Universities and Linked Education platforms. One of the upcoming events will be the LILE2015 workshop and the expansion of the LAK Dataset, and the associated LAK Data Challenge 2015.


Future correspondence regarding the LinkedUp Project and related activities, as mentioned above, should be directed to the LinkedUp Project Coordinator, Stefan Dietze of L3S Research Center, Leibniz Universität Hannover.

Blog Statistics

We are publishing the following statistics for future reference. They are intended to inform others about the lifecycle of the blog and assist people wishing to reuse resources by identifying the authors of articles etc.

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