LinkedUp – Linking Web Data for Education Project

The LinkedUp Project is a FP7 Support Action which pushes forward the exploitation and adoption of public, open data available on the Web, in particular by educational organisations and institutions.

To address these goals, LinkedUp provides a range of activities, including the establishment of the LinkedUp Challenge and a corresponding evaluation framework. These are aimed at identifying and promoting innovative success stories which exploit large-scale Web data in educational scenarios as part of robust applications and tools.

  • The project is made up of consortium partners each with respective roles in the LinkedUp project.
  • There are also a number of associated partners with an interest in the project.
  • The LinkedUp Challenge has an advisory board consisting of renowned experts in the fields of open data & data management, semantic web and web-based education.

Additional dataset curation activities will result in a repository and catalog of well-described and assessed datasets for educational purposes and will support participants of the data challenge, as well as interested data consumers and application developers in general.

The overall aim is to facilitate the development of innovative applications produced by the LinkedUp community and challenge participants and their deployment in real-world use case scenarios.

A collection of suitable use cases is being collected by the LinkedUp consortium and associated organisations, including representatives of renowned industrial, academic and higher education institutions such as Elsevier, the BBC, or the Commonwealth of Learning.

You can download the second version of the LinkedUp project fact sheet.


Main objectives

  1. Open Web Data Success Stories: gathering innovative and robust scenarios of deployed tools integrating and analysing large scale, open Web data in the education sector.
  2. Web Data Curation: collecting, annotating and profiling of Web Data of educational relevance to enable take-up by third parties.
  3. Evaluation Framework for Open Web Data Applications: providing a complete framework for the evaluation of large-scale open Web data applications, taking into account educational aspects.
  4. Technology Transfer in the Education Sector: demonstrating and promoting the benefit of open Web data technologies in education, and provide a reusable testbed in this domain.


Key outcomes

  • Quality-assured educationally relevant datasets,
  • A general-purpose evaluation framework for Web-data driven applications,
  • Innovative applications of large-scale Web information management,
  • Clustering crossing public and private sectors
  • Substantial technology transfer of highly innovative Web information management technologies


Consortium and network

LinkedUp is led by Leibniz University Hannover and consists of six partners in total, spread over four countries. A network of twelve associate partners has been set up and the project has a great advisory board that consists of top experts in the fields of Linked Open Data and education.


LinkedUp key information:

  • Start date: 1 November 2012
  • Duration of the project: 24 Months
  • Call (part) identifier: FP7-ICT-2011-8


Get in touch with LinkedUp!

  • Visit our website:
  • Follow us on Twitter: @linkedupproject
  • Hashtag: #linkedupproject
  • Or get in touch directly with the project coordinator


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