Wikinizer: Introducing MindGraph

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We wanted to give our all our Vici entries the opportunity to write about their submitted tools. Wikinizer held back on their post so they could write about their new release (which will be called MindGraph). So we’re happy to …

Vici Shortlist: GroupMOOC

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Our final shortlisted entry is GroupMOOC. GroupMooc is a free app that organizes your MOOCs into a mobile course plan and enables collaboration with friends and co-workers who are also taking online classes.


As macroeconomic trends redefine sources of …

Vici Shortlist: Didactalia

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Figure 1. Gnoss and Didactalia as Spanish nodes in LOD Cloud. September 2011

Ana Moreno and the Didactalia team are going to tell us about building and taking advantage of a large educational knowledge graph to improve and accelerate the teaching-learning process.

Introduction is a large educational community based on semantics …

Vici Shortlist: ISCOOL

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Next up we have a post on ISCOOL, a serious game for critical analysis of text, written by Bernardo Pereira Nunes from PUC-Rio, Brazil.


ISCOOL is the product of a collaborative project between a number of researchers and scholars at …

Vici Shortlist: LearnWeb-OER

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Jaspreet Singh from L3S Research Center, Germany, introduces LearnWeb-OER.


LearnWeb-OER provides users with a single platform to help them attain their learning goals. It can be seen as part search engine, part social network and part repository. LearnWeb-OER’s major features …