The LinkedUp project is an EU project which uses workpackages to outline intended activities. These workpackages have specific deliverables.

Those not so familiar with EU speak may be interested in knowing what the biggest main outcomes from the project will be:

  • The dataset catalogue – the Linked Education Cloud is a repository/catalogue of Web datasets relevant to educational applications. It is provided according to the standard of the Web of Data, and is constructed based on input from the LinkedUp Community.
  • The LinkedUp Challenge – The LinkedUp Challenge is a series of three consecutive competitions looking for interesting and innovative tools and applications that analyse and/or integrate open web data for educational purposes. The challenge results will also be shared.
  • Developer support – LinkedUp DevTalk is a developer blog looking at developing web data applications in education. The LinkedUp technical team have also written tutorials on linked data and are available to offer technical guidance for those entering competitions in the Veni challenge.
  • The Evaluation Framework (EF) – The project will develop an evaluation framework in order to mark the competition entries. This framework that can be reused and instantiated to evaluate Open Web Data applications in particular in the educational domain.

A full list of the intended deliverables is available.

The main outcomes from the project have been summarised in a flyer entitled ‘Coming to an end…with results that will live on‘.

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