Deliverable number Deliverable title Delivery date Work package number
D1.1 State of the art and data assessment Month 6 WP1
D1.2 Challenge design Month 6 WP1
D 1.3 LinkedUp Challenge results Month 24 WP1
D2.1 Evaluation Criteria and Methods Month 6 WP2
D2.2.1 Evaluation Framework Month 6 WP2
D2.2.2 Final version of the Evaluation Framework Month 24 WP2
D2.3.1 Evaluation results LinkedUp challenge, first stage Month 12 WP2
D2.3.2 Evaluation results LinkedUp challenge, second stage Month 18 WP2
D2.3.3 Evaluation results LinkedUp challenge, third stage Month 24 WP2
D3.1.1 Common data repository (first version) Month 6 WP3
D3.1.2 Common Data Repository (final version) Month 18 WP3
D3.2.1 LinkedUp support environment for application development Month 6 WP3
D3.2.2 Report on technical support and common issues in application development Month 18 WP3
D3.3 Non-Technical Support and Guidance Month 24 WP3
D4.1 Project Website Month 1 WP4
D4.2 LinkedUp Dissemination Plan Month 6 WP4
D4.3 Press releases Month 6 WP4
D4.4.1 Project Fact Sheet (first) Month 6 WP4
D4.4.2 Project Fact Sheet (second) Month 12 WP4
D4.3.3 Project Factsheet (final) Month 24 WP4
D4.5 Impact Report
(white paper)
Month 24 WP4
D4.6.1 Handbook on
Open Data in
Education (first)
Month 12 WP4
D4.6.2 Handbook on Open Data in Education (final) Month 24 WP4
D5.1 Large-scale use case scenarios Month 12 WP5
D5.2.1 Exit and sustainability plan Month 12 WP5
D5.2.2 Exit and sustainability plan Month 24 WP5
D5.3 Show cases Month 24 WP5
D6.1.1 Six-Monthly Progress Report Month 6 WP6
D6.1.2 Six Monthly Progress Report Month 18 WP6
D6.2.1 First Yearly Progress Report Month 12 WP6
D6.2.2 Second Yearly Progress Report Month 24 WP6

Note that:

  • Month 1 is November 2012
  • Month 6 is April 2013
  • Month 12 is October 2013
  • Month 18 is April 2014
  • Month 24 is October 2014

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